Providential Perseverance

We weren’t ready.  After 10 months in Louisiana, we were called back to Virginia.  Although we wanted to stay, looked forward to continuing our bayou adventures, circumstances did not make sense for us to remain. “Movers move”, as I learned in my “Moving On” group, I just had no idea we would fall into that … Continue reading Providential Perseverance


“Friend-ed” Revisited

Being a part of a Just Moved Ministry small group made a huge impact on our family when we moved to Louisiana last year.  It was one of those blessings God give me that I had no idea how much I needed.  I’m sharing over at Just Moved Ministry today.  Hop on over for some … Continue reading “Friend-ed” Revisited

Guest Post: The Price of Love

A Louisiana sister is posting on the blog today! I am so thankful God took me by complete surprise by sending me on a road trip with this complete stranger.  He knew I needed this soul-filled lady in my life.  Check her blog out over at Juliana Boudreaux is passionate about helping single moms … Continue reading Guest Post: The Price of Love

Guest Post: God’s Love Saves Us

Another writer friend is sharing her words with us on my blog today.  Please visit her website for more beauty.  Enjoy! I'M KEAGAN, A CHRISTIAN COMMUNICATOR AND AUTHOR. There are only a few things in this life that make my heart skip a beat.   Jesus.  Family.  People. I am often caught off guard by … Continue reading Guest Post: God’s Love Saves Us

Post on “Bringing the Word”

I wrote a post on my other blog, "Bringing the Word", where I am leading an online bible study in the book of John.  Check it out!  If you haven't joined in on the study, its never to late.  I would be honored to have you be a part! "Inviting Jesus into your Boat"

Guest Post: The Love and Truth of Jesus

This month I am taking a break from blogging to focus on a new blog, "Bringing the Word".  It is an online Bible study on the book of John.  If you haven't had a chance to check it out, I would be honored! Meanwhile, over the past year, I have had the opportunity to get … Continue reading Guest Post: The Love and Truth of Jesus

Thrill of Hope

It's that time of year of incessant Christmas music.  I can handle hearing certain songs once or twice a season.  Some, I can live the rest of my life without ever hearing again (ahem Mariah and WHAM).  There is one, that I could listen to over and over.  My absolute favorite song and I am … Continue reading Thrill of Hope

Knit Together

One of the most exciting parts of expecting a baby is anticipating what the baby will look like. No, I am not expecting.  Let's just make that clear. While each of our four children were delivered with a very characteristic family look, they quickly each developed into their own little people.  Our son is identical to … Continue reading Knit Together

Heart Connection

The ages of my kids currently are 13, 11, 6, and 4.  When people hear that, their eyes grow wide with amazement and seemingly empathize with my current state of exhaustion.  While dealing with 13-year-old drama and new levels of emotions, my 6-year-old is exerting new independence with each negotiation to my basic demands.  Each … Continue reading Heart Connection

I Don’t Pretend to Know Everything…

Truly, I don't.  In the grand scope of the world, I know very little.  I know enough to help my middle school daughters with homework, yet I still find myself taking a refresher course on Google to figure out how to find y in terms of x.  However, I consider myself a lifelong student studying … Continue reading I Don’t Pretend to Know Everything…